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SportPharm™ is the new generation of Sports Pharmacy

SportPharm™ designs custom formulated topical medications as treatment options for athletes across all genres of sports. The SportPharm™ formulations were developed by Robert P. Nickell, the first pharmacist for the US Olympic Medical Team, serving personally for the Athens Games in 2004.  SportPharm™ is for all "Athletes" creating treatment options for pro-sports, golfers, high school athletes, race car drivers, runners, swimmers, soccer, La Crosse, UFC, wrestling, weekend warriors, and even e-Sports. As well as, just someone looking for more options to fight their pain so they can take a walk around the block, climb some stairs and feel like a Pro.

Current Formulations:

OTC Options

The world famous Wasabi Rub™

ICC Towels

Pain XIT™ (coming soon) 

Scarvera™ (coming soon)

RX Only Topical Options  

KetoRub™ (ketoprofen)

LidoRub™ (lidocaine)

NeuroRub™ (gabapentin)

MisicaRub™ (baclofen)

RX Only for Physical Therapy

Iontosone™ (dexamethasone)

US Diclo™ 1.6% (diclofenac)

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